SEO Company New Market: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in SEO | SEO Mississauga | SEO Company Mississauga

People are great thinkers. They always find ways for an answer to a question, seeking this answers are somewhat an adventure for the one seeking it. But what if we end up doing a mistake during the seeking of the answer? Humans as we are, we make mistakes. These mistakes could be the reason for our downfall. That is why we should prevent it by not doing these stupid mistakes. Also in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there are also mistakes you should avoid.Below are some common mistakes to avoid in SEO.

1.) Having too many direct links in one article or blog content.
2.) Slow website loading speed because of lack of optimization.
3.) Repeating keywords, thinking that search engines will pull up your content if your keyword density is high.
4.) No engagement in social media.

It’s natural to make mistakes, but you could do something to prevent them from happening. Remember these steps so you won’t make any of them.


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